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Murdoch’s News Corp causes devastation to real people and real communities. And they almost always get away with it.

Ordinary people who experience the impacts of Murdoch’s savagery are intimidated into silence, afraid of further News Corp attacks. They do not get a right of reply in the media. And their political representatives won’t stick up for them either, because Murdoch has trained politicians to fear him unless they want a beating on one of his front pages.

Murdoch and his inner circle use the News Corp beast to mendaciously bully members of the public who say something they don’t like, to mock and monster communities of people on the basis of their religion, ethnic background, sexuality or gender, and run disgraceful campaigns of anti-science disinformation.

Members of the public should not be afraid that the media could destroy their lives if they say something that Murdoch’s editors don’t like.

If you have a personal story of being impacted by bullying, vilification and disinformation in the Murdoch media, please tell us below!

We collect these stories to illustrate Murdoch’s harm to real people and real communities, to build public support for a royal commission and to make the case that your testimonies should be heard by an authority powerful enough to do something.

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