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Join the movement of ordinary Australians taking on the Murdoch media empire.

Australia’s media market is the most concentrated out of every democracy in the world.
Our politicians let that happen, because they’ve been too scared to challenge Rupert Murdoch.

Strong, independent and diverse news media made up of journalists who investigate fearlessly and report truthfully is essential to any functioning democracy and fair society.

But here in Australia, huge swathes of our news media have been bought-up by American billionaire Rupert Murdoch and his heir-apparent son Lachlan. Their company News Corp saturates the market, controlling so much of what the public see and hear as their news.

Truths that are inconvenient to the Murdoch agenda are silenced. Hardworking, professional journalists working for the News Corp, their industry’s largest employer, are forced to conform to Murdoch’s editorial ideology or pushed out for loyal commentators who toe the Murdoch line.

 From the nonsensical refusal of the Liberal and National parties to appropriately act on climate change to the epidemic of disinformation about vaccinations in our communities, the impact of Murdoch’s cowboy treatment of our news media is felt viscerally by real people across the country.

 In place of quality journalism, Mr Murdoch and his inner circle of executives use the News Corp beast to distort the news to push their political agenda. Tabloid columnists and SKY television shock jocks stoke fear and division in our communities to get clicks and sales. The Murdochs trade media coverage for political favours, distorting our democracy and weakening our voices.

 For decades, Murdoch has taught politicians that if they stand up against his media monopoly, they will be punished. But if we work together, we think we can create the kind of national public pressure that our political leaders can’t ignore any longer.