Report the “news”

Why does Murdoch’s News Corp present fiction as fact, opinion as news and polarising talking points of Fox News as our national conversation? Because right now, they know they can get away with it.

Australia has some rules protecting the public from media corporations twisting what we hear as news, but those rules are usually not worth peanuts. It’s notoriously difficult for members of the public to engage media watchdogs to enforce the rules, and in the rare instances they do, there’s no meaningful consequence for the media company.

We’ve built this tool to help you to streamline making a complaint to News Corp and the media watchdog. Complaints against publications are counted by the regulator, and reported publicly.

To build the case for a royal commission into Murdoch’s media monopoly, we aim to gather the regulatory breaches wherever they occur. AFMRC supporters reporting what they read and hear through the regulatory processes will mean that this evidence will have official records and independent authority.


NOTE: If you have a complaint which is not accommodated by this form, email us at