Campaign Charter

We do not replicate the behaviour of the Murdochs’ News Corp

  • We stick to facts, and use evidence to back up our statements,
  • We do not bully anyone. Bullying of journalists will not be tolerated.
  • We do not stoke baseless conspiracy beliefs or theories.
  • We do not vilify entire groups of people. There are hundreds of hard-working, professional journalists employed by News Corp. We do not blame workers for the actions of their bosses. 

We have nothing to hide:

  • Our campaign goal and strategies are not a secret: we are working to mobilise public pressure on parliament to call a royal commission into media diversity, with a goal of reducing Murdoch’s media monopoly.
  • We follow donation disclosure laws to the letter.
  • Contributions to our campaign are not tax deductible, because we’re lobbying parliaments.
  • Our campaign supporters know how their contributions are being spent.
  • We’re proud that our committee (like a board) includes representatives from Victorian Trades Hall Council and the office of our chair, Kevin Rudd.

To take on Murdoch, it’ll take all of us together:

  • AFMRC recognises and honours the work of other groups and activists who’ve campaigned for media integrity and against Murdoch’s monopoly for decades, across the world. 
  • We value collaboration, partnership and many kinds of activism,
  • AFMRC values the contributions of all supporters, whether that contribution is your time, your voice or your money,
  • AFMRC knows that the people most impacted by Murdoch’s abuse of media power must be at the centre of the campaign for the Royal Commission; it’s their stories that must be heard as witness testimony at the royal commission.