Use the tool below to email the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters. We have also provided some tips on what to write and how to make your email as impactful as possible.

Things you should include in your email:

  • Address your email: To the members of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters
  • Start by introducing yourself, and, if you’re comfortable, include your name, address and phone number.
  • Explain that you’re contacting them because you’re concerned about the weaponisation of disinformation during elections
  • Be clear that you’re requesting the committe holds an inquiry into the Voice referendum, with a focus on disinformation
  • Explain that News Corp is one of the biggest producers of disinformation and also legitimises disinformation from other sources (if you’d like to include some evidence, see pages 33-38 of our report)
  • You may also like to include a link to this report about News Corp’s disinformation during the Voice referendum. You can do this by copy/pasting this link into the body of your email:

How to make your email as impactful as possible:

  • Write in your own words.
  • Talk about your personal experience with, or concerns about disinformation.
  • Be aware that this is a multi-partisan committee and your email will be sent to members from the ALP, Coalition, and Independent MP Kate Chaney MP.
  • Always be courteous and respectful!

*Greens Senator Larrissa Waters is also on this committee, but won’t receive a copy of your email. This is because the Greens policy platform is already fully committed to major media reform for a free and fair press.

Enter your details so the committee knows who has emailed them.

Once you’ve finished writing you email click “send letter”.