The AEC has told us they have no powers to stop Murdoch. So we need to know: with Murdoch on record for lying and undermining democracy, what is Minister Farrell doing to safeguard our democracy from the threat of the Murdoch press?

You might like to include:

  • FOX and Rupert are on record saying they lied and undermined US democracy. What is Minister Farrell is doing to safeguard our democracy from the Murdoch Media’s insidious threat?
  • While the case for major media reform in underway, we cannot ignore this new and urgent evidence that confirms our democracy is under threat.

  • We understand that Labor has plans for electoral reform. In light of this new evidence, will they include measures to safeguard our democracy?
  • That the AEC referred these concerns to parliament.
  • We urge you to take urgent action.

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