Let’s get MURDOCH WATCH completed and rolled out across the country:



Here’s the plan:

  • This election, every time News Corporation puts out fiction as fact or bias as news,  people across the country will use Murdoch Watch to capture the evidence and report the breach to the Press Council, to ACMA and to Murdoch Royal Commission HQ,
  • We’ll flood the regulators with complaints to create a body of evidence to make the case for a Murdoch Royal Commission AND to show that Australia’s current regulatory framework for news media is not fit for purpose,
  • Every time News Corporation tries to distort the truth, omit the facts or pass off a political attack as journalism, Murdoch Watch will help us blow up these case studies on social media to expose why we need a Murdoch Royal Commission to more and more people,
  • After the election we’ll take the evidence we’ve gathered during the election using Murdoch Watch to parliament and deliver it to the incoming government,

If you back this plan, please help to get Murdoch Watch built and into the hands of thousands of Australians.