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Australia’s media market is the most concentrated out of every democracy in the world.
Our politicians let that happen, because they’ve been too scared to challenge Rupert Murdoch.

Strong, independent and diverse news media made up of journalists who investigate fearlessly and report truthfully is essential to any functioning democracy and fair society.

Chip in to the fund now, to help create the kind of national public pressure that our political leaders can’t ignore any longer.


The only limit on how big our campaign can grow is how much we can fundraise.

Thanks to the supporters who chipped in at our launch and who give monthly contributions, AFMRC has already been able to:

  • Help secure a massive win in the Senate, with the Inquiry into Media Diversity recommending for a Judicial Inquiry with the powers of a Royal Commission into media ownership,
  • Mobilise more than 1000 people to email Senators on the Media Diversity Inquiry to encourage them to recommend a Royal Commission to parliament,
  • Provide the Senate Inquiry with a detailed submission on how Murdoch’s media monopoly harms our democracy, our communities and enables News Corporation’s flaunting of media codes (which you can read here)
  • Organise a series of strategic phone call actions to ensure political power-brokers were hearing from AFMRC members when deliberating their position on a Royal Commission,
  • Build Report The News, an online tool to streamline community complaints of media code breaches to the media watchdogs, with more than 150 people submitting complaints so far,
  • Collect dozens of personal stories of harm caused to ordinary Australians by News Corporation publishing or broadcasting disinformation, vilification or targeted bullying, to help build a case for a Royal Commission,
  • Connect with civil society groups, peak bodies, other activist groups and former News Corp journalists to begin to build a powerful, coordinated sector,
  • Grow our email list to 44k people eager to support the campaign and ready to take action,
  • Amass 25k followers across social media who spread the word of the campaign to their friends and family,
  • Recruit a second staff member to work full time on the campaign.

Imagine what we could do together with a massive fighting fund to supercharge our campaign.

Please chip in what you can, or if you’re not in a position to please share this page’s link on social media to spread the word! 

To wrangle our news media, our democracy and our future from the ideological grip of Rupert Murdoch, his son Lachlan and their powerful inner circle, it’s going to take all of us working together.